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Dear Family Orthodontics,
Jennifer L. (Yelp)
Yorba Linda, CA

Our experience at Family Ortho has been nothing but excellent so far! Everyone from the front to back office staff is super friendly and you don’t have to wait long for your appointment after you check in.

Zara M. (Yelp)
Yorba Linda, CA

My dentist referred me to Dr. Azzeh last April for consultation regarding a tooth that needed to be uprighted. Several doctors told me before that this tooth might not be possible to fix and it needs to be extracted. Dr. Azzeh was able to fixed it for me!

I feel comfortable going to Family Orthodontics. It feels like home. Service offered is exceptional and I am happy that I got the chance to be treated by Dr. Azzeh and his staff.

I loved the idea of the monthly installments without charging extra fees. Very convenient. I don’t need to think about payments every visit and money is deducted monthly from my credit card.

I referred my friends to Family Orthodontics too and they are all happy!

Thank you Family Orthodontics!

Pauline S. (Yelp)
Yorba Linda, CA

Loooooove Dr. Dean’s office! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. My general dentist has been telling me how much I needed braces but I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to have a “brace face” at age 28! She then recommended me to Dr. Dean and they were able to help me find the perfect one. I’m getting married on December and I didn’t want to have a metal mouth so I asked about lingual braces (where the brackets and wires are attached on the back side of your teeth). Honestly, I had a rough start because my tongue kept hitting the brackets and I would get painful sores on my tongue but Dr. Dean was so patient with me and kept adjusting them during the first week so it would be more comfortable. I would definitely recommend getting braces here! 🙂

Johnson S. (Yelp)
Irvine, CA

Well I must say after visiting the office today for the first time that this place is very impressive. 3 ladies up front with smiles on their faces to greet you, very nice leather chairs in the waiting room, 2 Apple computers to use or play on, I mean its first class here all the way.

Trinda took us in the back and chatted with us, she was super friendly and helpful. Then the Doctor came in and was very friendly and talked to my daughter and asked her how she was feeling and if she was having a good summer. He really seemed to care.

And after a thorough examination he said that if it was his daughter he would not recommend braces for another 6 to 12 months from now. Trinda said that she would call us in six months to check in and to enjoy the rest of our summer.

I was getting a second opinion, the last orthodontist I checked in with wanted to get her started right away. It’s funny when you see a professional like Dr Dean, what a difference it makes.

Ashley B. (Yelp)
Orange, CA

W-O-W! Great Doctor, Great Staff, Great Results!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Dean! Incredibly pleased with my experience! He is professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to his patients’ needs. During my first consultation, he focused primarily on addressing my concerns and provided multiple treatment offers. At each and every follow up appointment, he discussed my progress and remaining treatment in great detail. I appreciated his honest feedback and concerned approach. Within only a few months, I achieved a perfect, pearly white smile.


Christopher Q. (Yelp)
Cypress, CA

Best orthodontist I think by far!! Though this is my first time getting braces my teeth are looking incredible already (: the staff are so friendly and kind and helpful and just all around great people.

There’s a dental assistant named Christina who is the best ever! So nice and so funny! I always love coming in and shes the one doing my adjustments. Plus Dr. Dean is he nicest guy I’ve met considering his job is checking people’s mouths all day hahaha but I would definitely recommend this office to anyone interested in getting braces or invisaline.

Koji K. (Yelp)
Irvine, CA

I read all the great reviews on Yelp before I came in so I thought I knew what to expect but I was still blown away the moment I walked into the office. When I went for a consultation I was really satisfied with how I was treated, from beginning to end. Every person who worked at the office was great. They took my pictures/xrays then had me sit back down in the room to wait for Dr. Dean. I waited for a few minutes and was apologized to because they were a little backed up and thought I was waiting for a long time. Dr. Dean was thorough with his diagnosis and was very professional. He gave me all of my options (without shooting down what I originally came into the office for), showed me examples of previous patients, and wasn’t pushy with going one way or the other. I was the one who ultimately made the decision with how to move forward without feeling any pressure, which was great!

Fast forward to a couple months later and I now have Invisalign (it’s been 2 days now). Getting started was super smooth. Christina, the Registered Dental Assistant, was the one who got the process going and she was great. She made me feel super comfortable while she was attaching the attachments on my teeth, she was funny, and extremely thorough with what I need to do moving forward (I wish she wrote the instructions manual because she went into much more detail than the book did).

In short, I would recommend anyone to this office if they’re looking for orthodontic services!

Brogan M. (Yelp)
Costa Mesa, CA

Love this place! Great service. Nice people and they really well work with you money wise. Not like they will give you a giant discount but helped me out. Also there prices seem cheaper then most …. With a great Dr

Cyrus B. (Yelp)
Irvine, CA

I’ve been going to their office almost a year now and can’t believe they can be perfect every time. Very friendly and experienced staff. Very cooperative and supportive working with my insurance and HSA account. Wait time is almost zero and the process is very smooth. Did I mention their great pricing. And, finally Dr. Azzeh, such a great guy. I’ll miss him after my work is done. Wish you guys luck and hope to see more of your business style in private sectors.

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